Elite Motion Physical Therapy

Elite Motion Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of all patients. We pride ourselves on providing our community with the highest quality of care, utilizing contemporary medical knowledge and procedures to promote the achievement of our patient’s goals.


Elite Motion was founded and built on the principles of “Life In Motion, Personalized Care & Elite Results”. Through strong partnerships and support within our local and medical community, we saw a need and responded to the challenge of providing a higher level of care.

A dedicated team of therapists with experience in orthopedics, sports medicine, and hand therapy for all ages along with specialized balance and senior care make Elite Motion the optimal place for recovery. Our state of the art facility was built to meet individualized needs of all patients to achieve their ultimate goals.

We have a dedicated team of therapists with vast experience in orthopedics, sports medicine, and hand therapy. In addition, we have therapists with specific training to assist our senior population who have balance and functional deficits. The combined talents of our therapists and our state of the art facility allow us to help our patients achieve their ultimate goals.

“Life In Motion” – as physical therapists, we set out to keep our clients functional. RESTORING motion and improving PERFORMANCE.

“Personalized Care” – every client is individually treated and given our PASSION.

“Elite Results” – the ultimate GOAL.


Your first appointment will last about 1 hour.  Follow-up appointments are between 30 to 60 minutes depending on your injury and the therapist’s assessment of what is necessary.

To help you the most from the very beginning please do the following:

  1. Bring or wear comfortable clothing allowing you to move freely.
  2. Bring the results of any X-rays, MRI, or other tests relevant to your injury.
  3. Print out the forms below and fill them out before your first appointment.  Please don’t forget to bring it with you during the first visit!  If you are unable to do this, please arrive 20 minutes before your first appointment to fill out the forms.
  4. Bring your insurance card.



Is this your first visit with us? Please click on the new patient packet to download and print.

New Patient Packet – included in this packet: Patient Information, Health Questionnaire, Welcome Letter, Consent to Therapeutic Procedures, and Privacy Notice.

Please wear comfortable/athletic clothes: Shorts or sweat pants, comfortable top, socks and tennis shoes.

In most cases, yes.  California has recently passed legislation that will allow you “direct access” to physical therapy without seeing an MD first, but, while the law has passed, the systems are not fully in place with insurance companies.

Unfortunately in health care today, there some forms that you will need to fill out prior to your first visit. We can email them to you so that you can do them prior to your first visit or please show up 15-20 minutes before your visit to fill out the forms.

A typical session will last approximately 60 minutes.

The cost of therapy varies per the insurance. Prior to your first visit, we will do our best to contact your insurance company to find out if you have a deductible, co-pay or co-insurance and then inform you of this prior.  We do ask that you (the insurance holder) contact your insurance company as well and get this information.  Please note, physical therapy services and payments commonly do differ from other medical services.

Currently we do not. We do offer competitive cash programs, so please inquire if you would like to receive services at Elite Motion.

We accept most PPO insurance, Workers’ Compensation and Medicare.

We know the landscape of insurance today is financially difficult for some, with high deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays. We can work with individuals on a case-by-case basis to assist with payment plans.